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Submitted on
November 2, 2013


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Nightwing cosplay progress description

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 2, 2013, 1:25 PM

So I got some questions about my Nightwing cosplay and I have decided to describe the progress to you^^

If there are any further questions left please ASK

Okay guys here we go with the suit :D

It took me a year to make it.

I used very stiff patent leather (color: anthracite) (usually used for the inside of cars) I chose it because  I love the structure of it 

I've got a mannequin here. I switched on the game 'Arkham City' and then I go...plate by plate..starting from the torso.... ( cutting patterns were made and stitched to the mannequin)( it was exhausting)!!!

the mannequin of  course  does not have my size so I had to change some things afterwards.

the rest was fit to my body .plate by plate again---every plate is connected with a piping made of a smoother leather (black)

underneath I'm wearing leggings and a suite out of cotton with long sleeves!  that is very important because the leather would fret my body.

I can't take it on or off for myself I always need someones help ^^° 

the body has 3 zippers one in the back (but not the full length) 2 on the shoulders, and between the legs there are two strong hooks

I can move quiet good but it's not easy. the cosplay itself weights 7kg!! nice workout ^^°

As for the gloves I used biker gloves and modified them.

the muscles are by the way formed inside using foam

the blue stripes are made of the smooth leather and painted with blue glitter latex

the chest plate ist made of foam first and then stitched to the body before I painted it too.

the weight as already said is the worst..not the nuts and bolts X_X


The mask

I used plaster to make a form of my face, then I used clay  and formed the mask on the plaster form. later I used resin and glass fiber and special paint for resin(black of course). After a few layers I took off the mask from the clay form, cleaned it and filled it with black latex

that's basically it ^______^

as already mentioned before. If there are questions left! Just ask!

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thanks ^^
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You're welcome! :huggle:
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